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5 Lies Caribbean Women & Men Tell

Sex & Relationships

Wha Gwaan! my Caribbean people? Sa Ca Fete! The truth is we are all guilty of a little white lie to save our souls at times. The thing is, when it comes to real catastrophic dishonesty, we want to point out 5. Some of us tell lie to socialize and impress people. Some maybe do it because they are simply just compulsive liars by nature. Anyway you analyze it, a lie is a lie.

Here are the lies you should look out from the opposite sex.


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  1. My Eggplant is BIG : Obviously when we say “Eggplant”, we mean Penis. Men have been lying about their penis size for centuries, they believe by telling  women their penis is big – it increases their chances of getting her under the sack.
  2. I am Single : Caribbean Men are NOTORIOUS for lying about their status. Little do they know, most women just want the truth, if she really wants you to “hit it” – status wouldn’t matter. Some women use status to make their final decision; Telling the truth about your status will gain her respect.
  3. I won’t tell anyone : It happens like this. “Babes, trust me – if you let me wuk dat, no one in the office will know”. A lie him-a-tell!. Caribbean men talk more than women, as soon as he gets to the barbershop; It’s a wrap!.
  4. I will never cheat on you : LMAO, Go ahead… Laugh with me! We don’t even have to explain this one.
  5. I love you : Caribbean Men are quick to say “I love you” just to get some punnanny. Some men use the line to gain something; money, access to your vehicle, or to get something to benefit them. Becareful with these men and the “I love you’.


  1. I am Single : Fellas, sing along with me “Plenty Gal have man… Acting like they Singgggle!!”. CARIBBEAN FACT. Our West Indian women love attention; even if they have to lie or act like they single. Guys, always do a background check on her before you get too involved.
  2. I don’t suck “Eggplant” : If there is one thing our beautiful Caribbean women are shy to admit; it’s going to be about “BLOWJOBS”. In 2017, oral sex is still considered as taboo. Women believe that if people know that they “give head”, it would destroy their reputation.
  3. I am not like every other Girl : Almost anything marketed on this planet uses the image of a woman; and for good reason. Our Caribbean women have mastered the craft of selling themselves as the elite of all women; they convince us that they are way different from the competition. YEA RIGHT. Fellas you must be a “Skunt” to fall for that. It is very rare out there to find that she is way better than the average chick. lol.. argument start – Comment below!
  4. I am on my period : Point blank, she may string you along – get dinner,braclet,clothes and all sorts of goodies from you. Guess what? She still doesn’t owe you anything. Sometimes Caribbean men may be sooo aggressive with their approach – that it turns a woman off. At the end of the date, if she isn’t feeling you, and you’re pursuing to get laid; She will send you home with “blue balls”. She’d be like, “Oh sorry hun, i’m on my period tonight. I’ll call you, o.k.?”.
  5. I’m Not Mad : Caribbean women will always say they are not mad. If you’re dumb and don’t address the situation; you will feel the wrath later, it could be weeks, months or years later. She’d say she’s not mad, but you can tell by her attitude or body language that she is pissed off.

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