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5 Reasons a Jamaican woman would cheat on you

Ever so often, you come across a thought that makes you wonder. Often one of those thoughts is ‘Would my partner cheat on me?’. As scary as the thought is you either seek justification that your partner is cheating or talk yourself down from the cliff of conclusions you were about to jump off. As crazy as it may seem, sometimes, the answer is yes. Cheating is absolutely foul and inexcusable in my books but there’s lots to unpack when it comes to cheating. In my opinion, there are 5 reasons a Jamaican woman would cheat on you.

  1. Lacking not packing!

People are not innately born cheaters and we must believe that cheating is spurred by some major malfunctions in a relationship. Any woman, and more specifically a Jamaican woman could be led to cheat if she believes the relationship is lacking. Whether that lack be love, attention, affection, support or money is up for debate, but a woman will naturally seek outside of her relationship that which she believes she does not exist inside it. Make sure you are pouring INTO your relationship as much as you pour OUT. If not, then you know…

  • Where’s the love?

Females are the fairer sex; we place attention in places that the typical man will generally overlook but you cant be oblivious King. A Jamaican woman loves to be lauded and adored by her man. If she cooks well, is looking especially cute today, or has changed her hair or nail color speak up. Chances are she did it with you in mind. It is especially frustrating to be in a relationship and feel unseen by the person you wish to be seen by the most. Pay attention men, love on your woman in every sense of the word or she may add an additional element to the relationship.

  • There is no security

If she is not assured of her position in your life or feels your solid and constant support, she may step out. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, women love to feel provided for and accounted for. Even if she is on her modern woman/ independent lady vibe, assure her that if she ever needs back up, you’ll be there to provide it. Back up comes in many forms, you should defend her honor if it ever comes to blows. Shut down or walk away from conversations meant to demean her and it doesn’t hurt if you are able to pick up a bill or two without her having to ask. Finally, make sure she knows her position in your life means something and you’re grateful to have her otherwise you may end up out in the cold.

  • You are cheating

Let’s be honest here for a minute, if your woman knows for a fact that you are cheating and has not left the relationship chances are she’s cheating too. Jamaican women for the most part go tit for tat in relationships and in life. While this can prove quite dangerous for both of you, and I would not recommend at all, it’s a proven fact that the actions of one partner can greatly influence reprisal actions of the other.

  • You are not the one and she’s looking for #2

Some women consider certain men as steppingstones. She is happy in the relationship for the moment but the opportunity to ‘move up’ constantly rests on her mind. As soon as she meets someone who she believes can take her to the next level she will check out. As she transitions, she will hold on to the relationship and until she is sure of her position with man number #2. Is it really cheating if she intends to leave in the long run?

Jamaican women for the most part are loyal to a fault but if there are real structural faults in the relationship, you may find that her attention is divided. She may seek the company and attention of another man if she feels unloved, undervalued or unappreciated. Take my advice, don’t wait for BUN love on your woman today!

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