by Nyah Undeniably

What is your name and nationality?

Eli Jules

Saint Lucian

Describe yourself using 4 words?


Self Motivated



What do you do for a living?




What made you venture  into surfing, snowboarding, modeling, and photography?


Spent a Summer in the Hamptons .Always wanted to try surfing and being surrounded by the beach and surfers,  I decided to take a lesson and haven’t looked back since.

Snowboarding + Surfing:

Once I got into surfing it was a matter of “Whats next? ” Only right that I got into more board sports that help elevate each other.


I’m always looking into another avenue for self development and to tap into my creative side. I was naturally surrounded by like minded people and getting pulled into creative projects.


 I’ve always loved taking photos.But it wasn’t until I had knee surgery (acl and meniscus) with nothing but four walls and partial insanity (haha) that I decided to study photography. While recovering I achieved my certificate in photography,lightroom and photoshop .

Since then my work has been showcased in Patagonia,Vogue Italia and Published in a number of Fashion Magazines.

Company : Dagne Dover 
Campaign: New Baby Bag Launch 
Vogue Feature 
Shuba Magazine Publication 
GMARO Magazine Cover 
Mob Journal Magazine Cover 

What are your hobbies?

playing sports (soccer,surfing,biking,hiking)




If you had to choose a dream place to surf, where would it be?

Saint Lucia.  We don’t have a surf culture. compared to neighboring islands like Barbados, even Jamaica. I would love to change that.

Best place you ever snow boarded?


As a model/photographer what are your favorite kind of work?

Lifestyle Fashion Photography. Tons of Fun with more creative freedom.

What advice do you have for a dad who is as busy as you in terms of balancing time?

You make time for the things that are important to you.

Where can we find you on social media?

IG: elijulesphotography

IG: Eli Surf


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