by Nyah Undeniably

What is your Name and Nationality?

My name is Keijah Edwards and I am Antiguan

What is your Height and weight?

I’m 6’0 feet and 189 lbs

A few words that describe you?

Ambitious, hard working, funny, selfless, risk taker and easy going

Keijah Edwards  | Kings of the Caribbean

What do you do for a living?

I am a Certified Personal Trainer

What made you venture into this career?

Six years ago I returned to Antigua from England with nothing to my name, not a single dollar. I was mentally and financially in a bad place. I always made excuses out of fear, until one day I was invited to workout in a gym. Working out made me forget about all my problems. Suddenly, I had less worries.. I figure, why not make my passion for training my career.

Keijah Edwards | Kings of the Caribbean

What are  the Goals of Train Above?

To keep inspiring and motivating individuals to workout and have fun while doing it !
As we would say,  “it’s not just about the gym ! It’s a Lifestyle !”

To own my Fitness Facility and be able to provide apparels regionally even Internationally.

How did you get into body building and do you compete professionally?

In 2016 I went to the 49th Annual ABABWF National Championships,

My friend and I looked at everyone on stage and joked about being up there next year. Before I knew it, we were registering and I was completely out of my comfort zone. Training for body building was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. With the encouragement of my mentor and friends, I pushed limits and made it through . Winning my first show and placing 2nd in my class for my second show.

No I don’t compete professionally yet, still an amuertar.

What’s your favorite part of the body to work out?


What’s your diet like?

For my diet I have

4 eggs 3 slice of bacon

3 bowls of rice and chicken with steam veg

2 protein shakes w/ powder peanut butter and banana

What music gets you pumped in the gym?


What keeps you motivated everyday?

To never go back to being skinny “LOL”

That’s not a joke but most importantly my clients motivates me in every way possible

How has The pandemic affected your lifestyle?

With the gym being closed on and off it affected me  badly, but I rolled with the punches and started doing house calls, virtual classes and private session at my personal gym.

What keeps you grounded?

My Mom and little sister

What other interests or hobbies do you have?

Reading, basketball and football but haven’t played in a while.

Do you see yourself getting into  fitness modeling or any kind of modeling?

If the opportunity is presented sure.

What advice do you have for a young person who wants to get into Personal Fitness Training?

As a Personal Trainer you should be yourself, don’t be discourage, be confident and work hard.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next in a few years?

The owner  of multiple branches of gyms around the Caribbean.

Where can we find you on social media?

On instagram

@keijah @trainabove

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