5 Ways to Tell if Your Caribbean Man is Using You for Money

5 Ways to Tell if Your Caribbean Man is Using You for Money

We can all say we know one woman or another who is actively in a relationship with a man for the financial and social status benefits. They may not spell it out blatantly but anyone on the outside looking into the said relationship can clearly see the intention of both parties. This has been common behavior for years but if I told you that the tables are turning, and more men are jumping into the “pay for play” scene. 

Don’t say “that eh true” because it’s no coincidence if your man is doing one or more of these five (5) things. 

She is paying this Caribbean man’s bills
  1. They always ask you to buy or pay something for them…I’m not saying that you can’t buy something for your man as a woman. Relationships should always be a two-way street. One should always support the other when things get difficult on one end. That’s how people grow together. It’s a hard problem when your man works and you don’t know where his money is going but somehow, he’s always buttering you into buying car parts or some limited-edition shoe he wants… and I know you’ve heard the classic “Babe, I need some gas money.” 
  1. You get affection and attention only when you pay…

He asks you for something and you say you don’t have the money or you can’t right now and they withdraw their attention. Suddenly, he’s always out with his friends or he will not respond to your messages or calls. But the moment you say yes and do what he asks, he’s all over you like everything is perfect again. My girl, that’s a red flag. You need to see yourself out

Couple hanging out with friends

3.You never meet his friends or family and when you do you get introduced as a “friend”…

If the relationship is relatively new and you’re still getting to know each other, that behavior is understandable. But you’re with a man for months and in most cases years, and he won’t tell anyone you’re his woman. You and everyone else is just left assuming. He will not go out with you by making up one excuse or another or if you both do go out, there is no show of affection. How much does he really value you?

4. The relationship is going nowhere…

You can prove this point if you remove sex from the equation and examine what other things you share. He will not engage in any conversation about your or his future projects or goals. His ambition is centered on how people see him and you’re funding everything. The car, the clothes, the shoes, the fetes, and the latest tech. He is desperate to be affiliated with certain people with high social status who seem to have it all. He’s drowning in debt and borrowing his friend’s clothes and shoes to live above his means. He is never working towards gaining anything tangible. The classic “viv mol”. 

Looks like she is done with him?

5. He spends nothing on you…

He has nothing to offer but sex. Your birthday gift, sex, Christmas gift, sex, Anniversary, sex. Don’t get this wrong, spending time and lots of good sex with your man is a sign of a great relationship. It’s when you realize that this man will not spend more than a bottle of water for you. You don’t really have to ask your man for anything, but he won’t offer anything. When or if you do ask, there is always a story, yet you’re always seeking to please him, spend money on him and make him happy. 

Don’t blind knowingly blind yourself to the truth because of the apparent “love affection” It’s part of the game. Understand and recognize that men can play just as well as women do.

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