By Nyah Undeniably

What is your Name and Nationality?

St. Lucian

Who is Venus Cherry, described in 2 words.

Rasta man, Humanitarian

What do you do for a living?

Senior Instructional Designer for Penn Medicine

How long have you been in this field ?

15 years

What made you venture into this career?

I did my bachelor’s Degree in business Administration but knew that it would  be competitive and I would need a blend business and technology,  hence I did my Masters and PHD in IT. So I just followed my career path in this field

You have somewhat become a local celebrity because of your passion on the well-being of the people of your Home country. What sparked this for you?

I’m simply paying it forward. Many people helped my family when we needed it most which impacted my life significantly. People invested in my education and gave me opportunities which resulted in who I am today, so I would like to return the good deeds by affording others the same opportunity.

Can you tell us about Rise St.lucia and what do you hope to achieve now that you are the new face of leadership?.

Rise St Lucia is a NGO which aims to identity persons in the various communities who are in need of assistance. Assistance comes in many forms for e.g.

a.     Food assistance for the Underprivileged and marginalized families without discrimination

b.     Electronic devices to students Island wide

c.     Reach out to abused men and women in the various communities

d.     Providing counselling for persons with Traumatic experiences

e.     Being a voice for the voiceless through championing justice reform and inequalities (injustices of all kinds) 

I hope to continue the path laid out by my predecessors namely Dr. Stephen King, Dr. Jaqueline Bird and Johnathan St Rose aka Ninja Dan. I wish for RISE to be a beacon of light and hope to all marginalized persons striving to do better for themselves and their families. My team and I are committed to providing our underprivileged brothers and sisters hope and opportunities at basic needs such as educational opportunities, job opportunities and land ownership to name a few. No one should be left without a meal for the day, hence our aim is to provide for those families whenever called upon

What other interests or hobbies do you have?

I have a deep passion for people, which brings me great joy and satisfaction So I’d say meeting people

·       Soccer

·       Dominoes

·       Travelling

·       Dancing

·       Cooking

What kind of music do you love listening too?

Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Country, R&B, slow tunes

What is one of your favorite books to ever read?.

Give Me More Sense by

What advice do you have for the young generation coming up who may be struggling to figure out life?

Life is a journey, travel well. Work hard and give out  your best in everything you do. Learn as much as you can whenever an opportunity presents itself because you never know what or where you will end up. Believe in yourself and have faith in something and never give up

What keeps you motivated?

My children

How has covid affected you presently?

I have been directly affected sadly. I lost my brother who was dear to me, I also lost my good friend and my young son suffered from covid-19. I have felt much pain and sadness as a result

Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook -Venus Rasta-man Cherry

IG – Rasta-man Cherry

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