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5 Reasons you should get a background check on your Jamaican man

So, it’s happened again, you’re in love. Swept off your feet into the depths of infatuation. He cooks, wines and dines you, provides and is handy around the house. You’ve told all your friends how lucky you are to have bagged the last good man on earth and now you’re all set to sail off into lovestruck bliss. True love is aspirational and let’s be honest; we all want to find our equal, the missing piece, our soulmate even but if Prince Charming is from the islands and more specifically Jamaica, here’s 5 reasons you may want to run a background check on Mr. Lover man.

5 Reasons you should get a background check on your Jamaican man

Who is he really? Do you know who your man is? Outside of his full name, date of birth and whatever stories he has chosen to share about his life who is he? Jamaican men are expert secret keepers and have perfected the art of sharing just enough. He shares just enough to make you feel comfortable but never enough for you to really be able to put a handle on his character or personality. Before you take the plunge make sure there isn’t anything too dark hanging lurking in the background.

Double Life If you have met your Jamaican Romeo anywhere outside of Jamaica, you will need to check to ensure that bae isn’t leading a double life. Is there a woman in Jamaica just as committed as you, waiting for him to return? Jamaican men are natural ladies men, this means that it is likely that the man who has swept you off your feet has been sweeping for quite some time. The average man may have a trail of exes, your Jamaican man may have an actual relationship with someone other than you girl!

5 Reasons you should get a background check on your Jamaican man

Finances and Responsibilities To their credit, these men are natural hustlers and definitely know how to provide. They are industrious and enjoy splurging on themselves and the family around them. While the money he makes is his to have and to hold; This ties into the previous point, if he is leading a double life, things may seem a little strained financially. Should he be made to support you, himself and “family back home” you may find yourself chipping in a little more than you want to. While I have absolutely no qualms about helping a man out. You may want to just double check that your money isn’t feeding and clothing kids you have no idea about.

The Right side of the Law While this is in no way indicative of the majority of Jamaican men, there have been a few who have had their fair share of run ins with the law back home. If he has made it off the island, away from his previous misdeeds and is seemingly reformed then more power to both of you…but you may still want to check. You don’t need any surprises when you try to travel, obtain official documents like a police record or post pictures on the internet.

5 Reasons you should get a background check on your Jamaican man

Men Lie This extends way beyond the Jamaican Man -even though they do lie quite a bit- to include all men. The male species has a way of flexing, bending, and stretching the truth to make sure it suits them. Don’t get caught up, he can lie all he wants but nothing beats the cold hard facts.

Love is beautiful, and if you manage to find it in 2021 then you’ve beat the game in every way. Protect your peace but also guard your heart by making sure that man is who he says he is.

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    • Rochelle Simpson -

    • November 10, 2021 at 04:25 am

    This was on point, fact-filled and intriguing.

      • Rasqueen -

      • November 14, 2021 at 05:43 am

      Girl Bye. They are accurate and polite about it.

    • Joan Smith -

    • November 10, 2021 at 11:59 am

    Extremely bias and absolutely a racist summary of Jamaican men.
    So disappointed in this article

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