After 27 years since the fatal drive-by shooting of hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur, an arrest has been made. Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis, a member of The South Side Compton Crips, was taken into custody. The specific charges against him have not been publicly disclosed at this time. The shooting occurred on September 7, 1996, when Tupac Shakur was 25 years old, in Las Vegas. Shakur was riding in a BMW driven by Marion ‘Suge’ Knight of Death Row Records when he was shot multiple times by an assailant in a white Cadillac. Shakur died a week later as a result of his injuries.

Prior to this arrest, no one had been held accountable for Shakur’s murder. Police had recently conducted a search of a residence in connection with the case, seizing items like magazine articles about Shakur, a mobile phone, bullets, and photographs. This search was deemed a success, although it remained uncertain whether the retrieved items could establish a direct link to the drive-by shooting.

Davis, who claims to be one of the last living witnesses to the shooting, had reportedly discussed the incident with authorities in 2010 when he faced drug charges. He alleged that authorities promised to halt his indictment and grand jury proceedings if he cooperated.

A formal indictment regarding Davis’ recent arrest is expected to be released later today. The development has brought hope to those who have long awaited justice in the unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur.

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