Hello everyone and welcome to the 2023 selection of Moun Sent Lisi (for those of you who do not understand creole, the phrase means people of Saint Lucia). We thank you for your support in the last few years and look forward to receiving your continued love and support as we journey forward. May the year ahead be an inspiring and fulfilling one for each of you.

Our first guest is Michael Goodwin. Having seen Michael as I made my way to and from work for over a decade, I often wondered about his life story. I finally asked if I could speak with him and he was generous enough to agree to the interview. He even allowed me to shoot a few photos despite him being “photo averse”.

Whenever I passed Michael I sensed that he took great pride in his work, as he admired his workmanship upon completion of the task, I.  I had even given him the task of washing my own vehicle and I can tell you, I was greatly impressed with the labor of love that he poured into cleaning it.

He confessed to me at the interview that as a young boy his grandfather (a past war veteran) had given him the task of polishing a piece of furniture ensuring that it was spotless. From that lesson, Michael fondly remembers that this set the tone for him taking great pride in the standard of his work output, regardless of the task or job.

Michael spoke about wanting to change his life from that of an addict on ‘hard drugs’ to a more giving citizen in our society. As he indicated, he has had persons offer to finance his rehabilitation stint but renege on their offer. He also shares a bit of wisdom by encouraging the young to enjoy their childhood. As he said “Don’t rush to be an adult, you can only be young once.”

Daisy: I had almost given up hope that Michael would show up and was elated to see him strut confidently towards me. As I sat down to ask Michael 47 zippy questions, I thanked him for his bravery and making the time to speak with me.

Michael: Good morning Daisy. Did you think I would not show up? (smiles broadly). Will the questions be difficult?

Daisy: Good morning Michael. Thank you for coming. I am grateful. The questions are not difficult but some may require some introspection from you. Don’t be nervous and you do not have to think too hard about it. Are you ready?

Michael: Okay, maybe I need to do this, so let’s go.

Daisy: (Smiles). You will do great. The first question is on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how excited are you about life right now?

Michael: Not very…less than 5. I am ready for change in my life. This existence has to change.

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