Things are heating up for Groovy Monarch finals in Saint Lucia and King Sly will be looking to defend his crown against 9 hungry competitors(Di mun had that crown for 3yrs eee! because of Covid). Today the qualifiers were announced, and look roro!!! Let me tell ya!! Social media had a buzz from disgruntled artiste who didn’t qualify and their supporters also jumped into the drama. Some artiste took to Facebook Live and other’s posted on their status to vent their dissatisfaction with the judging. Our list is based on my favorites and not that of the judges who chose their qualifiers based on their criteria. Also! with some of my selections, the artiste didn’t even participate in the competition this year. My list is solely the songs I listen to without skipping! if you’re not on this list… Doh take it personal garcon!

Groovy Monarch finals is set for Friday, July 8, 2022 at the SAAB, Vigie. Tickets cost $50 and are available for purchase at The Cell at Baywalk Mall, and Steve’s Barbershop in Castries. Other ticket outlets will be announced in the coming days.

Before i go into my list, here are the qualifiers for the Groovy Monarch Competition

Groovy Soca Qualifiers
#SobriquetSong Title
2Ezra D’FunmachineDrifting
3Hyper & Ti CarroParty Jumbie
5MongstarBring Back Carnival
6Q-pidOne in a Million
7RicardoSo Long
8Ricky TLive Life (Mal Pale)
9Ti BlacksPurge Them Out


10. Private 6 – Fete & Rum

9. Arthur Allain – No Horn

8. Ricky T – Live Life

7. Kisha – Catching Feelings

6. HP – Spoiling mi Name

5. Teddyson John – Gyal Go

4. Ti Blacks – Purge Them Out

3. Sedale – Dwive’ (Dwive’ Riddim)

2. Shemmy J and Edwin- Ou Dou

1. Sly- Risk it all – (Carnival Love Riddim)

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    • Cindy -

    • June 28, 2022 at 02:51 am

    Amazing article! I am putting a bet on your number one!!!

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