Attention fans of Serial, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, or Making a Murderer, there’s some unsettling news for you.

According to a mental health expert, indulging in true crime shows for relaxation might indicate deeper disturbances.

Renowned psychologist Dr. Thema Bryant recently joined Mel Robbins on her thought-provoking podcast, aptly named The Mel Robbins Podcast. During their conversation, they explored methods for individuals to rediscover themselves and embark on a healing journey after enduring hardship.

Watch below:

@melrobbins If your idea of “relaxing” before bed is watching a few episodes of Law & Order (or any other #truecrime show), listen up. This was just ONE of the many incredible mic drop moments 🎤 and knowledge bombs 💣 that @Dr Thema Bryant drops on the #melrobbinspodcast. Listen now!! 👉 “6 Signs You’re Disconnected From Your Power and How to Get It Back: Life-Changing Advice From the Remarkable Dr. Thema Bryant” 🔗 in bio #melrobbins #podcast #trauma #traumatok #healing #bingewatching ♬ original sound – Mel Robbins

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