Press Release 9th June, 2021

SLBS advises on Fraudulent Use of the Saint Lucia Standard Mark

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards has become aware of the fraudulent use of the Saint Lucia Standard Mark on documents being presented with items imported into Saint Lucia.

The SLBS wishes to advise the public, that the unauthorized and fraudulent use of the Standard Mark is in contravention of the Standards Act and persons culpable of this offence are liable to a fine of $10,000.00 and an additional penalty of $1000 for every day of which the offence continues or to imprisonment for 6 months.

The Standard Mark is issued under the SLBS Product Certification Programme and is issued under license as the foundation for conformity to a standard. The Saint Lucia Standard Mark on a product is a quality seal indicating that the product complies with regionally and internationally accepted national standards, and that the supplier maintains an efficient and appropriate quality management system.

The mark is not a trade license and does not replace normal trade regulations.  The sale and issue of the mark by any party other than the SLBS is prohibited under the Standards Act and will be prosecuted.

The SLBS advises retailers to refrain from accepting fraudulent documents in the normal transaction of business and should report such documents presented to them to the SLBS.

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