Sony has recently announced an exciting addition to complement their PS5 console. The upcoming device, codenamed ‘Project Q’, is currently in development and aims to enhance the gaming experience for players.

In a YouTube video released by Sony, a glimpse of the mysterious ‘Project Q’ was showcased. The device boasts a design resembling a PS5 controller, split in half with a screen seamlessly integrated between the two halves.

However, it’s important to note that ‘Project Q’ is not a standalone console like the Playstation Vita. It requires a connection to a PS5 console to function. By leveraging a Wi-Fi network, users will be able to stream games directly from their PS5 to ‘Project Q’.

At this stage, it remains unclear if the device will necessitate connection to the same Wi-Fi network as the PS5 console. Sony has been quite tight-lipped about the project, with limited information available. It’s possible that there may be limitations, potentially restricting usage to within the confines of one’s home due to the reliance on a Wi-Fi network.

The proximity between ‘Project Q’ and the paired PS5 console will also be crucial for its functionality. Consequently, owning a PS5 console is a prerequisite, which has been challenging for many players to acquire since its initial release.

Sony shared in the video, “Later this year, we will launch a dedicated device, internally known as Project Q, that enables users to stream any game from the PS5 console using remote play over Wi-Fi. With an eight-inch screen and all the buttons and features of the dual-sense wireless controller, it aims to provide an immersive gaming experience.”

Notably, the device will feature key elements such as haptic feedback, enriching gameplay with precise vibrations during crucial moments, as well as adaptive triggers.

It’s important to highlight that games must be installed on the PS5 console, and certain game types, such as VR games, may not be compatible with ‘Project Q’.

In addition to the announcement of ‘Project Q’, Sony also revealed their plans to release a set of earbuds—a first for the company—specifically designed to complement their gaming consoles. These earbuds promise to deliver “next generation audio immersion” for players on the PS5.

While information about these projects remains limited, Sony has assured fans that more details will be revealed in the near future.

Though not a fully independent gaming console, ‘Project Q’ could offer gamers additional options for playing games in the comfort of their homes, freeing up the TV from those lengthy Skyrim marathons.

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