Street Art: Bridging Cultures
The Alliance Française de Sainte-Lucie is leading the innovative cultural project “Street Art:
Bridging Cultures”. This event marks the 30th anniversary of the Pyramid, the Alliance Française
building on the banks of Pointe Seraphine. The premises are at a strategic location and are
well-known by all Saint-Lucians, living inside and outside of the city. The Pyramid, mirroring and
portraying both the Pitons and the Louvre Pyramid, is also a landmark in the country and is part of
the architectural landscape of the island. Noteworthy, the building is seen by both locals and
tourists visiting the island for a day or a week.

This Street Art project aims to showcase local, regional and French artists by giving them the
opportunity to express themselves on the Pyramid. Each artist will be given one of the 4 sides of
the building as well as the walls to depict their individual vision of “Bridging Cultures” while
creating a common piece of art.
This piece of art will be created by 4 different artists: Naja Siméon from Sakey Production, Saint
Lucian, Ms Veneno, French, Nuxuno Xän, French Martinican and Yeswoo an artist from Guadeloupe. This
common artistic piece of work will highlight exchanges and the bridge that exists between cultures,
which will enhance the cooperation between Saint-Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe and France.
“Bridging Cultures” is a major street art project as well as a sustainable environment project. The
Alliance Française de Sainte-Lucie is associated with the Martinican company Green Technologie. It
will provide the Alliance with solar panels on the south side of the pyramid, which will be
illuminated by being integrated into a modern, international and collaborative work of art. By
doing so, the Alliance Française showcases its will to make art accessible to all while making the
future sustainable. The Alliance Française Pyramid is visible from the John Compton Highway, all
the way to the market from the side facing the ocean as well as from the port side when the boats

Each support will have its logo painted on the wall outside the Alliance (if willing), which will
give them more visibility. In exchange, the Alliance Française de Sainte-Lucie is offering to
train, for free, 2 of your staff members for 1 year in any of our French adult classes according to
their level.

By being part of this project, your structure will show its commitment to the importance of street
art in Saint Lucia, to culture and art, to sustainable development and will be associated with the
reputation of Saint Lucia worldwide, as the Pyramid will renew the landmark it has been for the
last 30 years.

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