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The Macmillan Caribbean ‘Summer School’ launches online

Macmillan Education Caribbean has announced the launch of its Summer School, a series of activities to keep young brains active over the summer holidays.

The Summer School will run for one month across Macmillan Education Caribbean’s social media channels and will incorporate a range of different activities across the English, Maths and Science disciplines.

Adapting activities taken from some of their most extensive titles, such as Language Tree, Talk About Texts, Max Maths: Making real world connections and Mission: Science, the campaign will seek to provide simple and fun tasks for young learners to complete at home.

Leaning on a rich history of activity-based and engaging learning, these series provide the perfect springboard for independent enquiry. Through simple exercises and ideas for learning promoted across social media, parents and educators can subtly incorporate learning experiences into the fun of the summer holidays, giving children an educational boost.

In addition to the campaign, dubbed ‘MC Summer School’, Macmillan Education Caribbean will provide a range of free learning resources, such as book samples, webinars, experiments and more that educators can utilise and incorporate into their own plans over the holidays as they think about how to spark a passion for learning in young children.

Whilst the summer holidays is of course a time for rest and fun, Macmillan Education Caribbean recognises that learning can come in all shapes and forms, and that every experience holds an opportunity to learn.

Whether it is harnessing a child’s passion for insects and the outdoors or reading books, this campaign provides ideas and suggestions for how to use the fun of the summer holidays and connect it to deeper learning experiences.

Students, teachers and parents are invited to follow the MC Summer School across Macmillan Education Caribbean’s social media channels or visit their website for more information.


About Macmillan Education Caribbean

Macmillan Caribbean is one of the world’s leading publishers of educational and general interest books for and about the Caribbean.

For nearly 70 years Macmillan has been committed to providing a comprehensive range of authoritative teaching and learning resources across all subjects and levels. Wherever possible the main content of the material is drawn from the everyday lives of the students, providing a focused, Caribbean-specific learning experience.

We specialise in Caribbean curriculum publishing, bringing together the expertise and capabilities of local authors, educators, Ministry officials and subject officers to help students achieve their academic goals. We also work closely with teachers to ensure they have access to the best, most up-to-date resources and materials to help make their lessons engaging and stimulating for every student.

We understand that each Caribbean country has a unique set of requirements and that these are always changing. Our team ensures that we know what is happening and that the books and teaching resources and training we provide are the best they can be.

In simple terms, we find out what teachers, students and parents want and use our people and technology to help them get it as efficiently as possible.

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