Umpa, a renowned local celebrity, Dennery Segment songwriter and promoter, signed on to become the first St. Lucian Brand Ambassador for Ryda. This endorsement deal makes him the new face of the brand. Ryda is distributed exclusively by Caribbean Producers St. Lucia LTD (CPJ), a leading distributor of wines, spirits, food and beverages in the region.

During his interview, Umpa said that although this is not his first brand deal, he is excited and considers it to be “a big deal”. He added that he thinks his image is a perfect fit for the brand, so he intends to use his large following and engagement on social media to help to boost the brand.

Patrons of Ryda and fans of Umpa can look forward to a new single which he will be dedicating to Ryda. He hopes that this new song will be as popular as his number one trending hit, ‘BAP’! Umpa recently hit 1 million views on his popular song ‘Plat’.

Ryda- hard Wine

Ryda- Hard Wine is a unique, ready to drink wine, which helps consumers to express their joy and excitement on any occasion. The main ingredients in this 200ml bottle are Horny Goat Weed, Yohimbe and Siberian Ginseng. It has a 20% alcohol volume which encourages you to ‘Feel the Heat’. Ryda contains natural stimulants and herbs which are considered to promote a high level of energy and excitement. Ryda has gained popularity since its debut in the St.Lucian market, due to its high level of consumer satisfaction and its reputation for bringing parties to life.

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