An early Christmas for Campari WhatsApp & Win winners

Caribbean Region – December 10, 2021- Christmas came early for selected winners of the Campari Christmas promotion ‘WhatsApp and Win Cash’. The air was charged with gratitude, loyalty, and excitement as participants redeemed their prizes and shared the story behind their win.

When contacted, each winner said they were “shocked”, “thankful” or “excited”. However, they each had varying plans for their cash prize.

Celyne Elder a Trinidadian university student shared that she is working toward her Masters and she entered to help with fees.

“It’s a great contest, I’m really thankful to Campari for this. When I got the call all I saw was the figure for my school fee going down. I see where you all are coming from and it’s really touching to know that we are buying something that we drink, its Christmas time and so many people are getting funds to do something this year. So thank you Campari for this great initiative,” she said.

Another Trinidadian, Daniel Mills, says he is a repeat customer and is thankful for the win. “I wanna say thanks to Campari for choosing me to be a winner. I’m one of them ongoing supporters, I will always drink Campari,” he said.

Bursting with excitement, Cindy Modeste, who is from Grenada revealed that she enjoys having Campari on a weekend with her partner. Cindy saw the “card” in the supermarket and decided to enter. 

“When I got the call I was just so excited. I was like Oh my God! I won, I won! So, the money I decided to contribute to my mortgage and my boyfriend’s portion because it’s because of him why I buy so much Campari. It’s really beneficial in this time because Covid has been a really trying time for people and that money came in very handy,” she explained.

Another winner, Glendon Roberts, who is St.Lucian, says he was feeling “hopeful” from the start, his prize will be used to assist with home decor.

“I was speechless at first then excited because I won with Campari. Well, I’ll use the money to buy more Campari, do a little Christmas work around the house, and buy new carpets for the house. I think it’s very important that they are giving back to customers because not much brands do,” he stated.

Vicky Harrow, a St. Lucian, says he is an avid consumer of the Campari spirit, and he hopes the taste remains the same. 

“In my mind, I knew I was gonna win the USD $250. Although I knew I would win it, I was blown away when the radio station called me. There are some kitchen appliances I had to get and replace some, so the money came in very very handy and very beneficial at the time. I just want to say keep up the good work, the promotions are great, the Campari is great and the taste, I love the taste, I hope they don’t change anything about it,” he said.

The promotion has been active for eight weeks and targets six markets in the region: St. Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent, Grenada, and Suriname. 

To enter, interested participants must purchase either a 750ML bottle of Campari or a 1LT bottle at participating supermarkets and bars and take a picture of their receipt to demonstrate proof of purchase. They then will be asked to upload a clear picture of the receipt to Campari’s WhatsApp number; (888) 682-8911. The receipt must be clear, displaying the date of purchase, item purchased, and the store’s transaction number.

The promotion ends on December 26, 2021. Winners will be announced every week, giving six (6) persons the opportunity to win weekly cash prizes. Prizes are monetary with a selection of Campari stadium cups, t-shirts, and 200ML Campari flasks. The winners from each country will be announced via radio, Campari’s Instagram page (@CampariCaribbean), and WhatsApp.

All interested consumers must be 18 years and older to participate.


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