Botham Jean Boulevard

Calling it a bittersweet moment, Botham Jean’s family on Saturday unveiled a new street sign bearing his name south of downtown in an emotional ceremony commemorating the man killed by an off-duty police officer in September 2018. Bearing the words “Botham Jean Boulevard,” the newly dubbed road encompasses about four miles of Lamar Street, where Botham, a 26-year-old accountant, lived and was killed when former officer Amber Guyger shot him to death after mistaking his apartment for her own. The road is also in front of Dallas police headquarters.

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    • Peter Lansiquot -

    • March 29, 2021 at 13:47 pm

    I still insist that written references to this tragic story should make it pellucid that Officer Guyger said that she had mistakenly entered Botham’s apartment. Millions of people all over the world are still of the view that Ms. Guyger intruded upon the victim, in a violent show of irrational, unprovoked, deadly force. He was a peaceful, model human being, with absolutely no criminal connections or paraphernalia. He was therefore unarmed, quietly relaxing in his apartment. Therefore, the following words in this article should be revisited, as they are unacceptable: “Amber Guyger shot him to death after mistaking his apartment for her own.”

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