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For the love of a Caribbean woman – 5 ways to win the heart of a Caribbean woman

She’s independent, loyal to a fault, determined and in her own way stubborn. She knows life owes her nothing and so she pursues all her desires feverishly. Unfazed by the chaos and changes around her, she charges the mountain day in and day out. This woman knows exactly how she wants to be loved; platonically by friends and family as well as romantically by that special someone. Here are 5 ways to the heart of a Caribbean woman:

  1. Match her energy

Unless you two are high school sweethearts or have been in love for all your natural lives, chances are she’s had her share of failed relationships. Now this happens for a myriad of reasons, but one sure way to prevent a love life disaster is to match baby girl’s energy. No woman enters a relationship hoping it will soon fall apart. She puts great effort into creating a “happy home” for the bond. She checks in, comforts, gives advice, plans dates and outings- for heaven’s sake, match her energy. Too many men are guilty of checking out once they feel they have secured the relationship and check back in when it’s too late.

  • Take the lead

This may be hard to do, since on the exterior Caribbean women appear to have it all together and are content with looking after their own affairs. Man up! Not because she is perfectly capable of functioning on her own, should you leave her to battle through unnecessary stresses. Lead from the front. Even strong women need a little support and if she’s from the islands, chances are she’ll never ask so intuitiveness is essential.

  • Be a man

Too often we hear men ask women, can she cook, clean, run a household? While all these attributes are essential, they are in no way more important than a man’s ability to provide, be handy and helpful. Can you change a flat, service a car, complete common repairs? The way to a Caribbean woman’s heart, simply put is to be a man. While it is very likely that Miss Thing can carve her way through life without your help, stepping up and taking charge proves you worthy of her time.

  • Action! Not a bag a mouth

Be prepared to walk it like you talk it with a Caribbean Woman. Promises will only get you so far, whatever commitments have been made verbally must also physically materialize. Interpret this as you wish…

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  • It wouldn’t hurt if you looked half way decent

Looks aren’t everything but they are something. Before you step to a Caribbean woman, make sure you have that certain je ne sais quoi before making your intentions known. This goes far beyond the obvious physical attributes to include your style, your smell, even your smile – are you doing enough to attract her? Will you hold her attention? A common rule for success with these women is doing just enough, downplaying too much could leave you out in the cold.

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Now truthfully, the only way to win any woman’s heart is to be honest, thoughtful, and caring. She won’t offer up her attention if she believes it means nothing to you. I know, I know, it’s almost 2022 and it’s cool not to care 😒. On the contrary, no effort, no chance.

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