People often ask “but what do you mean when you say interior”…. Well, let me explain.

Suriname is made up of different districts and each district has its own charm & historical background. The interior of Suriname refers to the Sipaliwini district which has the most rainforest, rivers, rapids, indigenous villages & resorts. It’s by far the most beautiful district (especially if you’re a nature & adventure lover like me) and is inhabited by Maroon & Amerindian people.

To get to the interior you drive for about 3 hours to Atjoni, from where you go further by motorboat (as seen in the beginning of the video). Depending on where you’re going, the boat ride can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.


The name of the place I’m taking you to is vacation island Isadou. About a 30 to 45 minute boat ride away from Atjoni. On one side of the island you find the rapids you can sit and relax in. In the dry months, when the water level of the river is low, you can also walk across a certain part of the river to the small island made out of rocks to take the most beautiful sunset pictures and videos. On the other side of Isadou there’s another cute little island that you can also only get to when the water level is low.

Mornings on the island are beautiful and peaceful. Waking up to this view instantly puts you in an amazing mood for the rest of the day. After waking up I would go to the river, sit on the big rocks and meditate. Because there’s not much to do, Isadou is the perfect place to relax and reconnect with yourself and nature.

Since there is SO MUCH MORE to share about Suriname, stay tuned for my next article with more videos and pictures.

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