St. Lucian singer/songwriter,Sabina George Francis aka “Prosper” delivers the Christmas mood
early with the release of Nou Ka Fétay Noel (We Are Celebrating Christmas).

Islaniamedia music publishing LLC based in Texas has an early Christmas gift for fans of the energetic
Kweyol singer Prosper. If there was a song representing the ultimate St.Lucian or Caribbean Christmas
atmosphere, Nou Ka Fétay Noel fits the bill.
For those who speak Kweyol fluently, the Zouk bounce meets you head-on and quickly embraces you
with the Christmas Spirit, and for those who don’t understand the language, you immediately feel the vibe
as you quickly catch on to the chorus, Nou Ka Fétay Noel.
To quote a Trini DJ friend; “A nice melody and rhythm that make it very delightful on its own, much like
some other parang songs in Spanish. As a Caribbean people, that melody and bounce we know so well
can easily captivate us especially in the Yuletide atmosphere, and I dare say under some serious spirits”
Sabina George Francis aka Prosper is a St.Lucian singer/songwriter and entertainer. Hailing from the
community of Marigot, he was born on March 4th 1957. A testament to the adage that “black don’t crack”,
his energy and passion for music, song writing and entertainment has stood the test of time.
His command and passion for singing in the Kwèyol language is solid and can be attributed partly to his
migration to neighboring Martinique at a young age.
Let us all embrace this gift and bring in the season in a delightful and festive manner, because even under
the current circumstances, Nou Ka Fétay Noel (We Are Celebrating Christmas).
Fans and friends around the world can get a copy of the song here, Prosper.
Fans wishing to support Prosper and sponsor continued work, for sharing this wonderful gift can purchase
merchandise from the Prosper Collection at For further contact email: or Russell Thomas on whatsapp at 2102591843.

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