With all the hype surrounding cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain technology, many music business practitioners have asked the obvious but very important question: what does this mean for the music industry? Though there are skeptics who frown upon this new disruption to an already complicated industry, many more welcome it with open arms and this Saint Lucian-born is no exception. 

The Mecca, one of the Caribbean’s most innovative and forward-thinking artists and music business professionals, is blazing the trail yet again by using the power of blockchain and crypto to present his latest single to the world. With the assistance of super-producer Sherwinn Dupes Brice, the vocal dominance of Don.Ups, Shepp Dawg’s versatile lyricism, and Mecca’s added unapologetic raps, THEY DON’T LIKE ME is a straight-talking hip-hop record made available to fans via the crypto-backed music streaming platform, Audius.
Governed on Ethereum, the world’s second-largest blockchain, Audius uses $AUDIO as its native token. Holders of this token are granted partial ownership of the platform along with the ability to unlock various features and earning opportunities. A modern streaming service, Audius is designed with the artist in mind. 90% of streaming revenue flows directly from listener to uploader while the other 10% goes to people operating nodes helping host Audius content.
As an executive producer and curator of talent, The Mecca seldom hesitates to bring together a roster of proficient creatives to move as a team through this new music business – as is evident with this recent release and his 2020 project, PURPLE.
“This model is similar to DJ Khaled’s,” says Mecca. “When one wins, we all win. There’s strength in numbers.”
One question that exists in the minds of many Saint Lucian creators is how do they make music accessible to their fanbase in a manner that affords them the opportunity to earn in new ways? To this Mecca answers, “blockchain technology and cryptocurrency make this possible and Audius provides the platform to dive into that space.”

THEY DON’T LIKE ME by The Mecca, Don.Ups, Sherwinn Dupes Brice and Shepp Dawg is available on Audius now. Click this link to stream:

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