10 Reasons why you should experience U4RIA.

Ever wondered what a Carnival Thursday night looks like on a Caribbean tropical island?

Well… Imagine a historic national park, which was once an islet, transformed and laced in white and love.

What was birthed out of love, passion, and music 10 years ago, has morphed into one of Saint Lucia’s staple events for the Carnival season. That is U4RIA.

U4RIA is headlined by one of Saint Lucia’s premier artistes’ Teddyson John who is often accompanied by other world class entertainers.

In case you’ve never experienced U4RIA. Here are 10 reasons you would want to.

  1. U4RIA is an experience. It’s not just a concert.  As the name suggests, it is euphoric and leaves you overwhelmed with joy.
  2. U4RIA is elegance. The white theme of the event creates a unique atmosphere of relaxed sophistication.  It is the only all white event of the season.
  3. U4RIA is deliberate in celebrating and creating space for the arts. The event uniquely features traditional and heritage elements including masquerade, drummers, folk dancers, steel pan and more.
  4. U4RIA has a sacred energy.  The annual ritual of the white celebration on a Thursday evening has been maintained over the years and has created a unique space for carnival lovers to usher in the season or carnival week.
  5. It’s rated G. U4RIA is rated GOOD for everyone. It can be an experience for family members, couples, colleagues and friends.
  6. Surprise elements are guaranteed! Stay tuned for what’s in store for 2022.
  7. A consistently quality production. All production features weave and flow beautifully. From performers, to musicians, to dancers, to light and sound engineers. Year on year, U4RIA’s world-class quality production never dwindles.
  8. U4RIA creates space for aspiring artisans in the field of entertainment. In 2017 the U4RIA Team introduced ‘Soundcheck’. SOUNDCHECK invites secondary and university level students to gain hands-on experience of almost all aspects of what it takes to make an event like that of U4RIA happen. U4RIA|Soundcheck works to be a creative community for artists, performers, and entertainment enthusiast alike.
  9. U4RIA simply put, is nothing but pure vibes. From the entrance of the venue, through every groove, till the very last jump. It’s a constant flow of vibes.
  10. You can feel love in the air. U4RIA literally makes everyone happy. You can see and feel the love through the embraces exchanged, the tears of joy and hands up to the sky.

U4RIA is love. U4RIA is passion. U4RIA is music.

Experience it all on Thursday July 14th,2022.

Pigeon Island National Landmark.

8:00 p.m.

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