Worthy was written a few years ago. The melody came from a dream and I woke up to record it on my phone as soon as I heard it. I started building and improving the melody. At the time I was under pressure I don’t remember exactly why but I trusted that God would get me out of the situation. while humming and playing with the song  I came up with the lyrics ” if I’m stuck in the fire you will come to save me, if my name was danger i know you’d still love me ” then the words began to flow and so i continued to write until the end. “this is how this song came about”No matter who we are , what we’ve done and especially times when we feel like there’s is no way .. Remember GOD is always with us and Nothing is impossible with him in our hearts……HE IS WORTHY !!!!!

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    • John Antoine -

    • October 19, 2021 at 14:12 pm

    Beautiful song love it my sister keep it up and keep listening to him,he will continue to inspire you.peace and love

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