Kaiso is back! and the return has been well received by the fans. This year welcomes a new tent “KPT” Kaiso Professionals Tent, a home created by veteran calypsonian TC Brown, which has been keeping the people talking. Other tents include Fire One, Soca Ultimate, TOT/Soca Village and South Calypso.

Below i have listed my 10 personal favorites for the 2022 season! These songs belong on your Kaiso playlist immediately, take a listen below!

10. Herb Black – Not Like Yesterday

9. Dycer Fontellio – Aftermath

8. Educator – Calypso Party

Educator (Photo credit: Rudy Photography)

7. Minelle – Shame

6. Ti Blacks – Mama Teng Teng

5. De Generator – Ridemic

4. Invader – Prodigal Son

3. Tc Brown – Lucia and Helen

2. Ready – Off to Ukraine

1. Dezral – Legacy

Dezral (photo credit: Rudy Photography)

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